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If you thought that NGO Operations are about ‘mundane’ nuts and bolts…think again

Nonprofit and NGO operationing models CAN be a driver of transformation

It’s easy to understand why some people might think that your nonprofit’s operating model might be simply following whatever your strategy is.

But that is not necessarily the case.

Your operating model – the gears of your organization that keep it humming (finance, legal, HR, partner relations, procurement, compliance, facilities, you name it) – can actively underpin and support a strategy that is focused on making your organization more Equitable, Accountable as well as Resilient (ERA). And that can help with organizations’ intentions to decolonize aid, further locally led development, be anti-racist and embrace DEI. Because operational processes, procedures and systems drive staff and volunteer behavior, on a daily basis, and those daily, widely shared and constantly recurring actions can shape people’s thinking—as much as our thinking drives behavior, actually.

This topic is discussed further in this blog post by Humentum, and the corresponding NGO Soul + Strategy podcast episode (#62) that I recorded with Kim Kucinskas, Director for Community Strategy.