Five Oaks Consulting

Managing Change

More than almost anything else, change leadership and management are crucial components of senior NGO leadership in the ever-changing context of NGOs. Unfortunately, organizational change processes have a high risk of failure, and NGOs have seen their share of disappointment. We have the experience and knowledge to help you manage change and thrive in a challenging context, whether your NGO is in need of change in terms of strategy, structure, systems, and processes, or culture.

Culture assessment and culture management skills are essential NGO leadership skills

The organizational culture of NGOs is reflected in the set of shared, daily, habit and behavior of staff that is directly or indirectly, promoted and rewarded by the organization. These behaviors are based on, often subconscious and covert belief systems and norms, about ‘what works’ in the organization. We can help you use practical, operational ways of assessing whether your culture is still aligned with your strategy and how to affect any changes that may be needed.


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