Guests of NGO Soul + Strategy:

Podcast profile and what to expect

Podcast tagline | “The podcast that offers thought provoking content for INGO and philanthropic leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo and are stimulated by new learning. Who think of themselves as the “leader-as-learner”

Nature and tone of podcast | We aim to offer rigor, to go deeper, question assumptions about our sector, to be honest about our sector: its strengths, its weaknesses, its culture and habits. And we aim to sometimes be provocative.

Primary target audience (‘persona’) |

  • Role: Mid to senior level manager/leader of INGO and philanthropic actors
  • Age: 35-65 year old
  • Aspirations of listener: to continue to grow in leadership; wishes to be thoughtful and reflective, and is authentic in aspiring that aspiration
  • Young professionals (as secondary audience)
  • Listens to podcasts while doing household chores, walking the dog, exercising, traveling – because they always want to keep learning

Time commitment that will be required | 60 min of your time (10-15 min chatting to ‘loosen up’, catch up on a personal level and to prepare for the practical aspects of the recording; the actual recording will be between 30-40 min)

How to book an appointment | You can book time into my calendar through my booking app:

I am in the US Eastern time zone (New York). Please be sure to book two 30 min sessions so we have enough time. Generally speaking, I prefer to do these interviews after 2pm ET, if possible, and ideally later in afternoon – or at late in the morning ET as possible.

Advance sense of what we will talk about | If you prefer, I can send you a couple of questions ahead of time; however, I aim for a spontaneous, authentic, free flowing conversation so there is no need to overly prepare yourself.

Last bits | Please note that the podcast episode may be published both in audio form and in video form, via my Youtube channel. So make sure, if you can, that you are in a quiet space with no interruptions.

Let me know whether you are up for this!