Five Oaks Consulting

Leadership Development

The effective management of your NGO depends on leaders who continually develops and grows to be the best that they can be. At Five Oaks, organizational change leadership and management is one of our specializations.

We have expertise in organizational level leadership training tailored to fit your needs. We can also provide coaching for on-the-job leadership development, and can help you design other in-house leadership growth approaches.

Our training is research based with proven training design, content, and delivery practices that fit your organization.

Executive coaching to improve your effectiveness

Our executive coaching facilitates self-directed learning for NGO leadership designed to further individual, as well as organizational performance goals. Recently, Tosca senior leaders at a major research-oriented US NGO to further increase their capacity. After our involvement, the coaches reported greater self-awareness as well as effectiveness in team, as well as organizational level leadership.


Helping make the Leadership Leap

A group of top NGO leaders noted the lack of a healthy and diverse pool of NGO leaders who were ready to take the leadership leap to top-level organizational leadership positions. They urged a well-known university to offer high-quality, residential senior leadership training programs to cross-regional, cross-sectoral and diverse cohorts of NGO leaders.

Tosca directed, co-created and co-delivered this program – the Transnational NGO Leadership Institute – for seven consecutive cohorts.

As a result, the NGO sector now has a larger pool of well-trained leaders ready to take on top leadership. Several alumni of the Institute have ascended to top leadership.


Developing a Strategy for Leadership Training

Five leading global campaigning INGOs realized that they did not have a strategy for concerted leadership development and as a result they lacked access to any senior leadership training that suited their particular needs.

Tosca directed the Senior Leadership Development Program (SLDP) from 2012 to 2018, and co-created and co-taught the training during that entire period. She updated the training content each year to align with the NGOs’ strategic and change management related needs. This included, among other things, the design of training content on gender and leadership, feminist leadership, as well as organizational diversity and inclusion strategies.

The alumni of SLDP have been able to drive significant performance improvements in their respective NGOs and have stimulated further necessary organizational change.


Gaining momentum with Humentum

NGOs lack access to high quality, yet affordable and geographically accessible forms of leadership training for broader segments of their leaders.

Humentum, the network of NGOs that is focused on NGO operational excellence capacity building, and the Maxwell School partnered to design and deliver e-courses on Leadership Development. Tosca designed and delivered a pilot e-course on Agile Leadership Behaviors.

The pilot course was well received by NGO users and will be available as an accessible and affordable means of leadership training to a broad range of NGOs.