Five Oaks Consulting

Leadership Development

The effective management of your NGO depends on leaders who continually develop and grow to be the best that they can be. At Five Oaks, organizational change leadership and management is one of our specializations.

We have expertise in organizational level leadership training tailored to fit your needs. We can also provide coaching for on-the-job leadership development, and can help you design other in-house leadership growth approaches.

Our training is research based with proven training design, content, and delivery practices that fit your organization.

Executive coaching to improve your effectiveness

Our executive coaching facilitates self-directed learning for NGO leadership designed to further individual, as well as organizational performance goals. Recently, Tosca senior leaders at a major research-oriented US NGO to further increase their capacity. After our involvement, the coaches reported greater self-awareness as well as effectiveness in team, as well as organizational level leadership.


Helping make the Leadership Leap


Developing a Strategy for Leadership Training


Gaining leadership momentum with Humentum


Leadership development, tailored to your needs & tailored to our social sector