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A unique sector-level, bird’s eye perspective, and a speaker with a point of view


Tosca’s experience spans think tanks, NGOs, the World Bank, UN and academia.

She has worked on civil society issues and social development since 1988. Prior to being the Principal Consultant at Five Oaks Consulting, Tosca worked in a European think tank focused on governance in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Caribbean; as a development practitioner with various UN agencies and an American NGO in Cambodia; as Social Development Specialist in the World Bank; and as ‘pracademic’ at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Management at Syracuse University, USA, where she directed the Transnational NGO (TNGO) Initiative. The TNGO Initiative focuses on the governance, leadership and effectiveness of transnationally operating NGOs.

She has produced many research outputs as well as practitioner-focused analytical reports, evaluations, essays and other ‘thought leadership’ outputs. She is a co-author of the bookBetween Power and Irrelevance: the Future of Transnational NGOs’, published by Oxford University Press (July 2020), which has already drawn a lot of interest.

Tosca is used to interacting with senior executive leaders as well as those in governance roles. 

She works on governance issues from a place of experience, having volunteered on several boards (InterAction, the US national platform for INGOs; Public Interest Registry, the whole sale operator of the Internet domain name .ORG which 10.5 million NGOs and nonprofits use across the globe; ProLiteracy, a premier adult literacy nonprofit in the US; and Cadasta, the start-up NGO which supplies communities on their way to empowerment tech tools for accessible, affordable documentation of land rights). Tosca has also interviewed hundreds of senior NGO leaders over the past 18-20 years, so she understands their context, the constraints they are facing, their values, their world views as well as mental models prevalent in the sector.

Tosca can provide a sector level overview of the changes INGOs should expect and need to respond to and has analyzed the effectiveness of change management approaches used by many NGOs. She can provide a unique, in-depth perspective on organizational culture work, which is especially close to her heart. Tosca is happy to offer presentations across her body of work, including on 5 Steps to Turbo Charge your Virtual team Leadership

Tosca is now a member of Innovation Women, a service that helps connect event managers to amazing speakers and experts who just happen to be women.

“I just thought your presentation was super, really coherent, practical but also deep and accessible”


– by Christine Allen,
Director, CAFOD (Catholic international development agency)